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Just because your business isn’t an eCommerce business does not mean you don’t need a website. If a consumer can not find any information about your business online, you risk losing credibility and trust in their minds and they’ll likely hesitate to buy from you.

A website isn’t only for getting more customers, it can also be a great tool for providing exceptional service to your current clients. A website can provide the valuable information that your customer is looking for such as: contact information, hours of operation, instruction manuals, warranty info., booking calendar.

Everybody is online. Your customer may not sit behind a computer all day but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a smartphone where they browse online.

Your business may be small but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to invest in marketing. Marketing costs money but is essential to growing your business. And a website is the best investment of your marketing dollars because it acts as a foundation to all your other marketing efforts. Also, a professional website can make your small business appear like a major player in your industry.

Your social media account can be a great way to engage with your clients, but you still need a website. You don’t own the content on social media, and it can be taken away without notice. You have very little control on who you reach with your content. And it can be difficult for your followers to find the information they’re looking for on a social media account.