past projects

Welcome to my portfolio! Here, you’ll find a collection of websites I’ve designed for small businesses and coaching clients. Each project showcases my approach to creating functional and visually appealing online spaces that reflect the unique identity of each client’s brand. From contemporary designs to classic layouts, my work aims to enhance the online presence of businesses and coaches, helping them connect with their audience more effectively. Take a look at the examples below to see how I bring ideas to life through thoughtful web des


Iron Lore Gym in Beaumont is more than a gym—it’s a community for fitness enthusiasts. They needed a website that reflected their excellence and facilitated member interactions. Our solution was a sleek, user-friendly website that showcases the gym’s amenities, streamlines membership requests, and provides information on bodybuilding events. It’s a digital hub that mirrors the vibrant spirit of Iron Lore Gym.

These beautiful dogs made this a fun project to do. This dog breeder was conducting all her business on Facebook, but it was proving to be very tedious. She needed a website that could answer all the questions and provide a way for people to apply for a puppy.

Snijder Metal Works reached out to me to build a brand new website for their custom metal creations business. This one-page website provides all the information required to build trust and credibility with customers and to direct clients on what steps to take next.

This site was built for an existing business solely dependent on word-of-mouth advertising. They needed to connect with the younger generation who is more likely to conduct their search online to keep growing their business.

This client needed an online presence for their HVAC company to provide service and contact information to their clients and increase their customer reach. This professional one-page website demonstrates credibility and builds trust with their clients.

This one-page website is a mockup designed for a local cleaning company. For businesses that don’t provide a lot of information on their website, a one-page website can be the perfect solution to make that business look credible and provide all the essential information your audience needs to choose to buy from you.

This project was for a local addictions coach who needed a site to provide a lot of information to his clients and their families. Also a site where they could discretely purchasing his coaching programs.

This project started when their original website, built by another company, went down and the business owner wasn’t able to contact the hosting provider. Gro Digital Studio was able to use their assets to redesign and rebuild them a clean, professional, great-looking website to keep their business going.