Here are a few of the projects I’ve completed

One-Page Websites

Right Zone Mechanical Ltd.

This client needed an online presence for their HVAC company to provide service and contact information to their clients and increase their customer reach. I built them a one-page website that provides all the essentials required for a reputable company.

DCS Admin Services

This is a website I built for my other side hustle, DCS Admin Services, a company I started back in 2018 to put my skills as an administrative professional to good use. You can check it out here: www.dcsadminservices.com

Portfolio | DCS Admin Services | Gro Digital Studio

Snijder Metal Works

This business owner, like many others, was not interested in the digital marketing aspect of growing a business.  They are incredibly gifted and focused in their craft, but not interested in wasting time building a website.

I built Rob, the super talented craftsman behind Snijder Metal Works, a modern and easy-to-navigate website that he could refer potential clients to. A place where he could demonstrate his capabilities and inform his clients on how to reach him.  

Multi-Page Websites

Dunc's Septic Tank Services

This site was built for an existing business that had enjoyed quite a bit of word-of-mouth success. They’re a great company but needed to find a way to connect with the younger generation who is more likely to conduct their search online.